About The Four Forces Organization

The Four Forces is a for-profit organization that is committed to being a pioneer in providing the training, community, spaces, resources and collective ventures that support creative, conscious evolution for its members and the world at large.

We are committed to proving that you can create wealth (as a business and for our members), while honoring people, partnering generously, revering the environment and contributing to the greater good.

At the foundation of The Four Forces is a model created by the founder, Trish Blain. It is called The Four Forces Framework and provides the model, skill building and perspective shifts that we see as necessary in our individual and collective evolution.

Our Community Commitments based on The Four Forces Framework:

  • To continually expand our experience of connection, love, collaboration and consciousness
  • To full-heartedly reveal and express our uniqueness and encourage others to express theirs
  • To cultivate our gifts, contribute in service and support of all of life; to expand our capacity for meaning
  • To consciously engage our individual and collective evolution, be fullly embodiment and dance with emergence
  • All at the same time

An Invitation From the Founder Trish Blain

I’m so glad you are here!

Do you have a longing…a knowing…that more is possible for yourself and the world?

Like many of you, I’ve held a vision of what “could be” for a very long time.

I have also been asking how is it possible to manifest this vision when there are so many different versions of what “could be” or even more commonly what “should be.” How can I get what I want and respect others’ desires? How can we create a higher vision of the world without having to convince, entice or otherwise bully others to think the way we do….often exhausting ourselves in the process?

I believe that what many of us really long for is a new way of interacting with the world…a way that brings more satisfaction, enjoyment and sense of impact.

orchestra to jazz-38-38Shifting from Orchestra to Jazz Improv
Many of us have been taught that life is like an orchestra. There is a hierarchy and fixed roles. We either decide to play the conductor’s song, figure out how to get to be the conductor, or take our instrument(s) and go off and play alone.

My experience is that life is more like a jazz improv ensemble. We each have our unique instrument(s) and rather than a fixed song, the greatest joy comes from what emerges that is even greater than any song we could have imagined. That’s the real magic. That’s what many of us have been longing for…

There is a Catch
In order to create music rather than chaos, the jazz improv approach to life actually requires upgrades in our perspectives, capacities, skills, structures and even our senses. It requires us to show up fully – to be “all-in.”

It also requires learning new skills and levels of personal, collaborative and collective mastery.

Come Play with Me!
I’ve created The Four Forces organization, website and community as a way to share what I’ve learned and to provide the catalyzing culture, structure, and practical tools that support living “all-in.”

Even more importantly, my intention is to create a space for us to share, practice and learn together…evolving and growing our community and offerings with each “player.”

Let’s play and bring into reality a collective vision of the future – one that honors the truth of our interconnection and at the same time celebrates all of the various forms of expression and uniqueness that life has to offer.

Let’s create extraordinary music together.