Are You All-in?

You don’t want money.

You want financial freedom and real wealth, doing the work you love, using your gifts and having a positive impact.
You want to help others do the same.

You don’t want a relationship

You want soul mates, not romanticized cliches, but rather a spouse, friends, lovers that challenge you to be better version of yourself. You want true partners who are willing to open deeply, reveal themselves and really KNOW you. Someone that encourages your uniqueness and remembers who you really are even when you can’t.

You don’t want to get laid.

You want to have mind blowing sex, be broken open and stretched at the edge of your capacity for love, pleasure and the divine.

You don’t want 10,000 friends.

You want a kick ass army of allies that have each other’s backs, encourage each other to live big, and that want to collaborate, create, and bring into the world what we all know is possible…. and have fun in the process.

You don’t want to lose weight.

You want to thrive, enjoy being alive and fully enjoy the pleasures of being in a body while remembering you are so much more than a body.

You don’t want to be in control.

You want to feel the excitement and challenge of evolving…the satisfaction that comes from growing, expanding and pushing yourself to new levels of mastery.

You don’t want to be enlightened.

You want to live fully in the world, awake, wide open and on fire. You want to explore the edges of consciousness while celebrating your humanness and embracing the rich spectrum of emotion and experience.

You don’t want to save the world.

You are in love with the world and know we have only begun to dream what is possible. You don’t want to change people…you want to collaborate, cross-pollinate and evolve together. You want to be a conscious participant in life and its evolution.

And most importantly…


You don’t want just one of these.


You want them ALL.