Four Forces Facilitator Training

Four Forces Facilitator Training

Learn a set of skills and tools that support the facilitation of individuals and groups. Our approach is multifaceted incorporating aspects such as emotional process work, intuitive skills, somatics, morphic fields, group dynamics, and other modalities within the foundation of the Four Forces Framework.

We call our approach facilitation because our intent is to help ease the way for others to do their own work and transformation. At the foundation of our approach is that we look for “what wants to happen” and follow the lead of those that we are facilitating. We believe that no one ever needs to be “fixed” and there is always value in conflict. Even the most challenging negative “strategy” or position is pointing to the even-better-than-we-imagined possibility.

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Some of our upcoming modules include:

  • The Facilitator Stance
    • Your relationship with the audience
    • Holding your energy
    • Doing your own work before, during and after
    • Shifting stance with formats
    • Dealing with fear / excitement
  • Facilitator Styles
    • How your personal strategy affects your style
    • Clearing unhelpful strategy
    • Revealing your unique facilitation gifts/style
  • Group Mind & Heart – Working with the Room
    • Reading the Room
    • The “third thing”
    • What wants to happen
    • Adjusting on the fly
  • Process Work 101
    • What to do when someone gets triggered
  • Power Dynamics & Disrupters
    • Identifying power struggles and diffusing them
    • Identifying & Working with Projection
    • Working with Challenging People
      • The Talker
      • The Know it All
      • The Needy One
      • The Trouble Maker