The Four Forces Framework

The Four Forces Framework works with the simple yet profound idea that our individual, cultural and collective worldviews are created by our experience, understanding, and pursuit of four core desires.

These four desires are not only at the foundation of human motivation, they are also the way that life moves us towards greater awareness, creativity, meaning, and evolution – whether we know it or not.

Best of all, they are skills that can be learned.

The Four Forces help you to:

  • Get what you most deeply desire.
  • Upgrade your skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.
  • Have a greater positive impact on others, the world and the future.

Here is a quick overview of the Forces:

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At its most human, Connection is the desire to love and be loved. It is our longing to belong and to be part of something greater than ourselves.

As our perception of connection grows, our version of tribe shifts from those like us to all of life.

Ultimately, Connection is consciousness itself and our ability to perceive and sense what is already there. Love and oneness are byproducts of ever-expanding capacities for connection.

When Connection is overemphasized at the detriment of the other forces we get: Codependence, Spiritual Bypass, Conformity, Cults


As much as we want to belong, we want to be separate and special. We all want to be seen, heard, and recognized as special. We want freedom, choice, and the ability to get our desires met.

Expression is life moving through the unique and multifaceted perspective that is you.

When we are deeply aligned with our uniqueness and able to consciously explore life through the many facets of who we are, life breaks open into creative possibilities. We are powerful and able to impact the world around us.

When Expression is overemphasized at the detriment of the other forces we get: Narcisism, Bullies, Shock Media, and Addiction


“What is the meaning of life?” has been asked ever since humans became aware and “What is my purpose?” is a popular question of modern life.

Purpose helps us to make sense of the world through order and meaning. We want to feel significant and that we have a place in the greater story.

Through meaning, we also create rules, beliefs, morals, and values that we live by. As Purpose deepens, it becomes synergy and the understanding of how our individual choices contribute to the collective. It is the underlying form that is constantly evolving towards ever-increasing orders of complexity, synergy, and awareness.

As full participants in evolution, we get to choose what forms and meaning we are creating and in doing so, we contribute to life.

When Purpose is overemphasized at the detriment of the other forces we get: Dogma, Bureaucracy, Stagnation, Fanatic Evangelism


Growth is the basic human desire that we want tomorrow to be better than today and to have mastery over our world. We want to feel progress and improvement.

Our modern life is filled with metrics to track growth – economic, productivity, profits, and success. At its most material definition it is accumulation and “more.” Often confused with security, Growth is pursued as a form of safety against chaos and the unexpected.

As you deepen your perception of Growth, it is lifeforce and emergence. Growth is movement, innovation and creativity. It is the fuel that increases our capacity and power to create. It is learning, experimenting and consciously stepping into the unknown to bring into the world new ideas and forms. It is the desire of life to generate variety, and to learn and evolve.

When growth is overemphasized at the detriment of the other forces we get: Greed, Materialism, Cancerous Growth, Environmental Exploitation.