How to Post an Event in Our Meetup Groups

Policy for Posting in Our Meetup Groups

Our meetup groups are currently open for other teachers, organizers and community leaders to post events on our meetup groups provided they follow our guidelines. We will be trying this experiment…help us make it a successful one!

Here are the steps;

  1. Read our Posting Policy (to the right)
  2. Register below.
  3. Confirm your email in your inbox.
  4. Join the meetup group (if you haven’t already).
  5. Create a “Suggested Event” in the meetup group
  6. We will announce your meetup to the group within 48 hours.
  7. We will make you an Event Host and you will be able to engage with guests.

Our intention is to create a vibrant community with a variety of events and offerings. We reserve the right to not post any event for any reason. We will do our best to give you satisfactory feedback and suggestions if your event is declined.


Register to Post an Event On Our Meetup

Registration allows us to contact you if there is any issue or question and also allows us to keep you updated to any policy changes. We will also be sending you information for other opportunities that as leaders you may be interested in.

When posting to our Meetup Network, you are agreeing to the following terms and commitments:

You are welcome to request an exception for any event. Send requests to [email protected].

In General, the events should be pathways appropriate and cultivate one or more of the following:

  • Growth, Experimentation & Learning
  • Connection, Community & Kindness
  • Expression, Inclusivity & Uniqueness
  • Purpose, Meaning & The Common Good

Events Must:

  • Be in Person – No online events for guest hosts.
  • Be Fully Clothed with No Explicit Sexuality
    While we are a sex-positive community, we are currently not allowing any events that have nudity or sexual activity as part of the event, these include play parties and sexual massage.
  • Follow the community guidelines specified by, including Terms of Service, Usage and Content Policies, Meetup Group Policies and Organizer & Leadership Standards. They can be found HERE.

Additional Information:

Who Can Post?
You must be attending, hosting or leading the event personally. If you are an assistant or organizer for a teacher, the teacher must also register.

What City Can I Post In?
Event must be within an hour drive of the meetup group location, with the exception of conferences and retreats. These must be within a 2 hour drive.

How Often Can I Post?
We are currently limiting the posting to one event per month per group for each teacher/organization. Also, any single event can only be posted in one of our meetup groups at the same time.

Do I need to be a Member of Meetup?
Yes, in order to make you a host of the event, you must have a account. You can register HERE. You also need to join each group that you want to post in.

What Information Should I post?
Event listing should include full details of the event and what to expect. You may direct them to a website for more information or payment, however, attendees should not have to go to another website or join another meetup in order to be able to RSVP and attend the event. Attendees must be able to RSVP on our meetup group. It will be your responsibility to track attendance.

Can I charge for the event?
Yes. You may put an amount that people can pay at the door, and or a link to a registration page. However, at this time, you cannot use the option to have them pay through meetups system.

Why was My Event not accepted?
We want to ensure that the groups are vibrant and offer a wide variety of events that fit the theme and intention of the group. We reserve the right to not post any event, for any reason. We will be curating based on but not limited to, diversity of topics and type of event, write-up quality, reputation, and overall professionalism.

Additional Terms:

No Blatant Sales Pitches.
The event must be content and community focused, offering value and information to the attendee. We encourage you to promote yourself, your product and offer “next steps” however, this should be relationship sales driven and not exceed 5 minutes per hour.

No Email Messages
Do not send any messages or emails to the group members soliciting attendance. You can post updates to the event on the event wall. You may reach out to those that have RSVP’d with private messages and to answer questions. All group emails must be approved by us. You may send email for approval to

No Liability for The Four Forces Institute
Our meetup groups are offered as a community service and not in any way an endorsement of your work. You are posting the event as an independent agent and in no way hold The Four Forces Institute, Trish Blain or any agents thereof responsible in any way for the events.